Life is an Adventure

And like most of the other young 20-something year old women out there, I'm just along for the ride. Im still figuring out myself, my identity, and my world. My reactions to what life, and God, have in store for me....

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I have the ability to marry the person I want to. Or, would have if I had a person that I want to marry. I have this right because one day I want to marry a man. It makes me sick and I find it nothing short of repugnant that if I wanted to marry a woman my country wouldn’t fully recognize it as marriage.

I want to be a politician, but a radical politician. I’m ashamed that our country is fill with people who are afraid to be radical, even in the view of human rights. Equal right. Freedom. We live in a country where everyone is “born free” but depending on your sexuality, or sexual orientation, or which gender you identify with, your rights can be stripped from you. No, I don’t believe anyone should have their rights stripped from them because of who they are. Didn’t the civil rights movement already happen? 

There are millions of couples out there who have such a deep love, but cannot get married. They cannot be legally recognized by this country as being married. The same country where I could meet a man on the street tomorrow and be married by next week, simply because he is a man and I am a woman. Something is largely wrong here. It makes me not what to get married until everyone can get married, want to take a stand against conforming to something that not everyone can partake in. What is the point, aside from recognizing an “elitist” group of people who have the ability to marry simply because they want to marry the opposite sex. Discrimination at its finest, and it makes me sick. 

Freedom? Liberty? Justice?…. What’s that?

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I’m in the mood to write, it’s been a while. 

I should be writing my paper on Haiti right now. But I can’t, I can’t focus on writing a paper on my experience. Regardless of the words I put to paper, nothing I write will ever adequately explain my experience. The beautiful people I met there. 

I’m about to graduate. What? How did that happen. As I approach closer and closer to May 19th I am lead to believe that some people aren’t ever meant to settle down. Some people are meant to wander. To be travelers, gypsies, I suppose you could say. But that’s me. I can’t imagine being tied down to one location. I mean, I’m not sure how any geography major is ever expected to settle down after graduation. It’s like a sick joke- “Here’s you diploma, congratulations on completing your degree in Geography, studying the world. Now choose one place and stay there.” Absurdity. 

The world is a beautiful place. I want to experience the culture, the food, the language. I want to do my laundry in the Ganges river, eat from a street vendor in Nicaragua, hike the Andes Mountains. Know what it’s like to wake up to the sound of roosters and not an alarm clock. Fill up my passport. Experience life. 

I want to make a personal relationship with someone in every one of the countries I visit. See the world from an altered lens. I want to understand why the women of the Mideast chose to way the way they do. I want to know why the native people of Alaska love the cold, even when it’s dangerous to go outside. I want to learn everyday. Experience something new, every day. I want to go running in every nation, seek adventure at every corner. 

I want to live.